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Ashaab traders have the quality products that you need at the best prices you want. We’ve been serving India since 2017 and wish to expand globally as one of the premium suppliers of herbal products that are in great demand today. Let us know what products are you looking for and we will be curious to supply them to you in short span of time or whatsoever.


Ashaab is purely herbal with no added synthetic flavors.

  • Noni

    Boosts Immune system, offers relief from arthritis.
  • Aloe Vera

    Eases inflammation, Improves skin health.
  • Adamant Creeper

    Promotes healthy joints and bones, Cures piles.
  • Tanners Cassia

    Anti Diabetic, Anti Oxidative, Menstrual regulator.
  • Pennywort

    Relieves stress and anxiety, Improves memory.
  • Trikatu

    Digestive stimulant, Best Expectorant.
  • Fig

    Lowers blood pressure, Relieves constipation, Prevents breast cancer.
  • Flax seed

    Rich in Omega 3, Lowers cholesterol, Anti -oxidant.
  • Hibiscus

    Promotes hair health, Helps prevent bladder infections.
  • Amla

    Beneficial for Heart deceases, High blood pressure, eye vision.
  • Moringa

    A good for Asthma, Thyroid disorders, Kidney stones, Fluid retention.
  • Triphala

    Relieves Indigestion, Cholesterol,Brings natural glow to skin.
  • Tulsi

    Anti pyretic, Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-aging.
  • White pumpkin

    Anti-inflammatory, Cures peptic ulcers, Anti acne.

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The answer here is simple. Our current food supply is deficient in many essential nutrients. We need to supplement to avoid malnutrition.
Tanners Cassia flower is a natural source of antioxidants. The flower extract contains terpenoids, tannins, flavonoids, saponins, cardiac glycosides and steroids.
The flower extract is proven to have anti-diabetic activity. Consumption of Tanners Cassia flowers in the form of tea or juice lowers blood sugar level.
According to a research, consumption of 0.45 g/kg body weight of the Tanners Cassia flower extract for a period of 30 days significantly lowered sugar level.
As with any medical condition, you should consult a licensed physician before engaging in any form of treatment, and ensure the practitioner knows of all other prescription and OTC drugs or herbal remedies you may be taking.
It strengthens bones, brain nerves and stops bleeding in the gum.
A good remedy for piles (Hemorrhoids), back ache and hip pain
Triphala helps clean the colon in several ways. Haritaki provides a mild laxative function, while Amla supports healthy pH levels. Bibhitaki enhances metabolic function. Large quantities of tannins in Triphala increase tone in tissue and support overall colon function
30ml per day before breakfast when your stomach is empty.
No side effects have ever been reported. However some pharmaceutical companies have tried dirty tactics in this area.